Test Automation

Our customer is a well-known Internet company in the United States which utilizes manual testing before engaging with us. With our automated testing service, the customer gradually converted manual testing into automated testing realizing increased development efficiency and ultimately achieved CI / CD (continuous integration / continuous delivery) with significant cost saving. The project helps the customer reduce the amount of manual testing by 60%, reduced overall development costs by 20%, and improve the speed of software delivery and software quality.

Sinobot helped this customer in the following testing strategy:

  • Utilized Selenium as a page-driven engine for the customer to test browser compatibility.
  • Developed regression test suites to test system/software features and user requirements.
  • Utilized Codeception to create the BDD based automatic test script.
  • Engineered a good integrated solution between acceptance test, functional test, and unit test.
  • Utilized Jenkins as a CI tool with integrated closed-loop workflow supported by custom scripts and batch commands. The system can automatically deploy source code to the test machine, performs an automated test, and eventually returns the test results to the persons concerned when a developer submitted a code merge request (such as GITHUB’s pull request). This closed-loop system greatly reduced the original manual system involving the same development steps.
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