Web Application Development Service

Our seasoned and experienced team of software professionals are well versed in mastering the complex array of software architecture, technologies, frameworks, tools, and DevOps issues associated with today’s cloud-based service driven by web application development. Sinobot provides a one-stop solution from UX design, Web and Mobile App development, Services and APIs, DevOps support to Cloud Managed Service and BigData Analytic platform and tools.

As an extension to our customers’ own in-house staff, Sinobot often collaborates with our customers from time to time in technology consultation by joining our customers’ development group across the border and co-developing IP branding product and services. Our customers leverage our established corporate infrastructure and professional expertise which eventually translates into a well-supported end customer.

Cross Border Technology Consultation

Testing Automation

Tools, human power, equipment and test methodology empower today’s enterprises to test their software products and services with lower cost around the clock. Sinobot provides our customers all of the major four elements in automated testing and allows them to achieve excellent turnaround time in dealing with software defect issues all with lower cost and higher ROI.

Semiconductor Factory Automation

Semiconductor factory automation has been a major software innovation and investment area with the advance of semiconductor processing technologies and the ever-increasing tool density as stationed in a factory shop floor. Sinobot has partnered with first tier world class leading semiconductor tool makers and software providers in developing custom factory automation solutions for customers from IC manufacturing to wafer and material handling. We also provide staffing for tool maker to develop the host software for their OEM equipment.

System Integration Service

By customizing our private cloud solutions, our system integration service aims to integrate isolated point system and solutions to produce result that is greater than the sum of all the parts. Corporations can easily deploy existing IT resources in a secured, reliably and trustworthy way depending on their needs in almost real-time fashion.

Virtual Desktop

Desktop virtualization and cloud computing are essential in today’s computing world where corporations can maximize their ROI on hardware investment at the same time when combinations of client operating systems for testing and support explode exponentially. Sinobot’s virtual desktop solution allows enterprises to easily virtualize desktop clients and make them securely accessible either internally inside the corporate network or externally from public access point.

Hardware Integration

We help you develop system software on a variety of hardware architecture and servers which also include mobile devices and smart phones as well as wearable hardware.