U.S. Media and Technology Company

Our customer provides entertainment, fashion, shopping, fitness, child care, science and technology and other aspects of the latest global information to its subscribers. As of April 2016, customer’s website traffic statistics show PV per month more than 1 billion and UV up to 100 million. In addition to its headquarter in North America, our customer has established offices in Britain, France, Germany, Australia, the Middle East and Japan. Our customer has an overall website ranking of 968 with an average 101.63 million daily visitors and an average daily page view of 208.84 million.

Sinobot provides Onshore/Offshore engineering services for this customer in the following areas:

  • Development platform based on latest Amazon AWS public cloud technology (including EC2 / S3 / EBS / VPC / Lambda / Kinesis / Redshift, etc.) .
  • Software development and content delivery using the mainstream CMS framework and the Internet LNMP technology stack.
  • Utilized Agile Software Engineering practices with customers in close connection in order to provide rapid response to changes in demand.
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