U.S. Fashion Search Engine

Our customer operates an e-commerce website through a shopping search engine that compiles products from hundreds of brands into one website. The customer offers a very successful affiliate program allowing bloggers and other influencers to create links and widgets of products to share with their followers. The customer has a global website ranking of 3807 with 302,200 average daily visitors and 825,100 average daily page view. Sinobot provides Onshore/Offshore engineering services for this customer in the following areas:

  • Utilized Amazon AWS server to build up websites in North America, Europe, Japan and many other regions.
  • Developed the most popular Microservices system architecture to support large service module extensions.
  • Utilized SSL header auth encryption protocol in parallel with any number of module extensions and removing multi-language restrictions to allow long-term system expansion capabilities.
  • Support high-level concurrent dynamic expansion for different modules configured with different sizes of system-level resources in order to achieve a reasonable allocation of resources and user experience.
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