U.S. eCommerce and Social Network Influencer Marketing Company

A leading US eCommerce and social network influencer marketing company with a well known fashion search engine and network for retailers and bloggers that provides both e-commerce services and affiliate programs enabling bloggers and social network influencers to promote and create links and widgets of products to share with their followers.

Sinobot provides Onshore/Offshore engineering services to help customer to:

  • Utilize Amazon AWS services to build e-commerce websites in North America, Europe, Japan.
  • Develop Microservices system architecture to support large service module extensions.
  • Support high-level concurrent dynamic expansion for different modules configured with different sizes of system-level resources in order to achieve reasonable allocation of resources and user experiences.
  • Improve database supports including MySQL/MongoDB/Redis/ElasticSerach.
  • Ramp up engineering team for social network integration and influencer support.
  • Build versatile and robust Angular framework and improve the usability of content and catalog management system.
  • Provide CN/JP produce search support.
  • Reduce overall product search response time.
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